You were right

There! I said it! I should have listened to my parents when they told me that I really needed to finish college and get my degree. Not having done that has finally caught up to me and is biting me in the ass. Go figure. Well, how is this coming back to bite me in the ass you may be wondering? I’m trying to join the army. Craziness, I know. Why would I give up owning my own business to enlist? Truth is, I’m tired of moving my business. Yes, being your own boss definitely has it’s perks and it can be really enjoyable…………if you don’t have to move around all the time. Just one more thing you figure out along the way I guess lol. My solution to this burn out is/was to go enlist for a Public Affairs MOS that would allow me to still do photography. I hate to just throw away the last 5 years of work by enlisting for an MOS that doesn’t allow me to do photography.

Just a little something I’d like to get off of my chest. My decision to do this is just that. Mine. I waited to make this public because I didn’t want to hear everyone else’s opinion on it. I really do appreciate ya’ll sharing your experience of being in the army or having loved ones in the army with me but I know that my experience will be different from yours simply because I’m not you. It’s hard not to get discouraged or psych myself out of doing this with Facebook land giving me their two cents. I know a lot of you think I’m nuts or that I won’t be able to hack it, and that’s okay. I’m not doing this for you. ;) While I appreciate hearing both the good and mostly the bad, words of encouragement and your positive experiences would be so much better to hear vs how much you think I shouldn’t be doing this. Nothing is set in stone yet and this decision is far from final. I still have to take the ASVAB and get a waiver for my scoliosis.

Sorry, back to the topic. To get the Public Affairs MOS, I have to have at least a 2 year degree. Well fuck me running! That sucks! lol. After my anger wore off last night, we found a few other MOS’s that we could agree on that are worth exploring. I’m slowly but surely figuring out that all the “cool” MOS’s require you to either have a degree or so much time in service.

So, I’m saying this loud and clear, MOM AND DAD YOU WERE RIGHT! Enjoy that while it lasts lol :P

You all know a post is better with an image. Here’s a shot of the girls when we first moved to Germany and “moved in” to our house there. This is back when they actually liked each other and got along lol. I sure hope those days come back soon!

  • August 20, 2013 - 12:11 pm

    Bonnie - Would it be worth going back and getting your 2 year degree so you can go PA? I think you could totally make it in the Army! Shit isn’t easy, but what is? ;)ReplyCancel

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