Wanna Be Gym Junkie

I’m a total wanna be gym junkie. HA! I used to be really consistent in going to the gym and felt amazing and so in shape. Yeah, the past few months I have slacked off, I feel like crap, and my clothes are tight again. Oy vey! :(

But, let’s look at this as a glass half full type of thing. I’m going back to the gym vs dwelling on how much I’ve slacked off. Why don’t you join me?! Since I’m still coughing up my lungs, cardio is just not in the picture right now. This arm workout was intense enough to make me feel like I was putting in enough effort to get back on track but not intense enough to make me feel like I can’t breathe.

The app I use to workout with is called GAIN Fitness. I LOVE it and have been using it now for around a year and a half. Download it from the app store, check it out and add this workout to your list. :)

ETA: Gain Fitness released and app update and now it sucks. :(

Bella Vista Arkansas fitness coach gain fitness app


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