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Deena is a photographer at The Boudoir Divas. She was awesome enough to model for us when I attended their workshop in Paris last year. She was AMAZING to work with! She was a great model but also a great mentor too! At the workshop we got one on one time with the models and of course when I’m put on the spot, I get a brain fart. lol Go figure. But it wasn’t a big deal! Deena was awesome enough to take the lead, sorta lol. I put her in my go to poses and then after that I kinda fell apart and didn’t know what else to do for the rest of the time I had with her. She took the lead and was like “You can do this from this pose and do this from that pose.” She not only modeled for me, but taught me a thing or two about posing. She is a master at posing and a great boudoir photographer! I feel so honored to have gotten the opportunity to learn from and work with her!!

deean posing in Paris black and white boudoir photographer

Okay, enough with all the grumpy posts around here. Let’s pep things up with a Flashback Friday! (It’s kinda like Throwback Thursday lol) Can you believe I let these images sit on my hard drive for over a year waiting to be edited? Yeah, me either lol. I shot this last April when I went to Paris for The Boudoir Divas workshop. I’d LOVE to take this workshop again. I need to start saving up for it lol.

The Boudoir Divas Paris Workshop Flashback Friday

The Boudoir Divas Paris Workshop Black and White

The Boudoir Divas Eiffel Tower Paris WorkshopThe Boudoir Divas with a puppy model workshop

Total sappy moment! This is your warning. When we went to Paris this past summer, I’m pretty sure Kelcie fell in love with it just as much as I did. She has this little souvenir Eiffel Tower that she plays with daily. And she knows that it’s “the tower.” She can recognize it when we’re out and about and it’s on a piece of art work or what not. She was about three and a half when she went. We did the typical tourist thing and road the red double-decker bus around the city to see all the sites. It was AMAZING! And she loved it! She was in her own little world taking in all of the sites and sounds of the city.

I sit here and wonder, “Will she be able to remember this place? Will she be able to remember the “tower”?”

Just trying to have a productive morning. Sorry I’ve been MIA from all of my blogs and what not. It’ll likely be a few days/weeks until things are back to normal. In the mean time, you’ll be able to enjoy images with very few words lol

I love my blog. I love that I can come on here and schedule a post to post at a later time and date. Yesterday doing this gave me the chance to vent about all the stuff going on. I scheduled it for today. Lucky me my friend Karma did a little of her magic and gave someone a taste of their own medicine and I no longer feel negative. :) Yay! So, I felt it was only appropriate to come delete the negativity from my blog and replace it with something a little more positive and upbeat. So, Here is to a great freaking day!!!

eiffel tower paris


I don’t really think these images need any words to tell you about their awesomeness. ;)

 Eiffel  Tower

It’s been a crazy few weeks to say the least! lol I attended the Boudoir Divas workshop in Paris two weekends ago. It was amazing!! Definitely going to go back to Paris before we leave Europe. I got to go with two battle buddies, Paige and Diane. Going to this workshop definitely got my creative juices flowing again. I finally feel motivated to shoot, and a bit closer to only shooting boudoir. I want to shoot what I love and I have every intention of doing just that. Aaron and I have talked about setting up a “studio.” Until we move to a new house, I’ll be able to setup a studio in one room and a dressing room in the other. Only thing I have to do is clean out the basement lol. Easier said than done, unfortunately. I have a ton and a half of images to edit but below are some from Instagram and a few I’ve edited from the actual workshop. :)