She may hate me, but..

I’m posting it anyways. I just love this shot of my friend Jenn and her son. I don’t know why, but I do. I think it’s just the capture of the mother/son relationship that I find so awesome about this image. I managed to get this moment on “film” at my l   get together.

mother and son

Hopefully the kick-ass images of her son will make up for the one I posted of her. Jenn has the same love for being in front of the camera that I do. ;)

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8 thoughts on “She may hate me, but..

  1. Kim, you are too funny! You know me so well. I like being in front of the camera as much as you do… and we know how much you love that! LOL Thank you for capturing a typical moment with my boy. Yes, I seem to compete with that game console sometimes. I do love that second photo. That’s the usual smirk! Only on rare occasions does Justin ever smile big for mommy. :)

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