Personal Branding | Where to Start

In an earlier post I mentioned doing a “personal branding” blog series. So, what is personal branding? By definition it is “is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.” And if you want to read more of the definition, here’s the Wikipedia link. A long time ago I created two Facebook “profiles.” I used one for my personal life and one for my business life. I needed a way to connect with my target market. Let’s face it, in a world that is saturated with photographers, the only thing that is going to make me different from the rest, is me and my personality. There are others with work that is just as good as mine. If I want my potential clients to choose me over them, I needed them to get to know me and become familiar with me. So, to make a long story short, I decided to brand “me” in addition to branding my business. I wanted everything to be cohesive and tie into each other. 

Where to start? I started on this little adventure by creating a pinterest board. I wanted to research as much as I could about personal branding. Now some of you might be thinking you don’t want to get too personal on-line and I totally don’t blame you. There are things in my life that not everyone needs to know, and I keep those things off of the internet. After a little brainstorming, I figured out what I do want everyone to know is that I’m a mom and a wife, I’m a pro photographer, I’m a virtual assistant, and I’m a HUGE 49ers fan. Now, I created an artist fan page and I pretty much stick to talking about these 5 points all the time.

personal branding pinterest board

So, if you’re interested in creating your own personal brand, start by creating a pinterest board and figure out a few things you want the world to know about you. On this board, pin everything you think is relevant to personal branding, your main points your want people to know, colors and fonts that appeal to you, magazines, movies, etc. that you like. Basically, if someone was to look at this board they would be able to get to know you from it.

Questions? Post them in the comments. ;)

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