Seems like she’s growing up too fast. Hell, both of them are growing up too fast! Unlike #PrincessMackinzie, #PrincessKelcie still hates my camera and will do everything she can to hide from it lol. And a perfect example of “photographers’ child syndrome.”

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The Zipper | Central Texas State Fair

Last weekend we went to the Central Texas State Fair with a bunch of our friends. I’m so glad we went!! The kids had a blast. Well, for the most part lol :P. Mac and Shane are at that age where they can go ride rides by themselves so we let them wonder a bit. […]

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Joyce - Awww!!! I don’t think I can get used to some of those rides as well…esp. as I am old now lol! I love to shoot at the fairs. I am always drawn to vivid colors :)

Tina Beckett - LOL! That is too funny! Sucks that we missed that part! :\

Bree - That was my favorite ride as a kid but you would never get me on it now!

Rhonda Anthony - MacKinzie looks upset coming off that ride…????