No, I’m not quitting

Are you quitting photography? Is a question my friend Bonnie asked me this past weekend when I went to go visit her at her dad’s house this past weekend. No, I’m not quitting. I’m refocusing my attention on something else (The Tog’s VA). It was my plan b when I didn’t pass the police department PT test and bruised my tailbone. It’s actually something I pretty darn excited about!! It will travel with us better than my photography business when the army says it’s time to move again.

So, what am I doing with my photography? That’s a good question. For now, I’m limiting my sessions I take per month to two sessions. My past clients get priority and I’m going to be doing some casting calls here and there for certain things I want in my portfolio. My admin team and I are, also, re-branding and re-building Shop Talk 4 Togs. I feel great about this decision. Just figured I’d clarify since it seems some have questions about where I stand. :)

And for my P365, here is an image from our road trip to Dallas (and part 2). Aaron and I and our friends from Germany went to the Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo. It was ah-MAZING! Can’t wait to take the kids and our parents one day. :)

Fort Worth Stockyard Rodeo

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