Getting Back Into Shape

Saying good by to this:

bud light instagram

And getting back to this:

getting back into shape instagram collage

I didn’t realize how much going to the gym and getting back into shape helped me until yesterday. Saturday we had people over and it was a blast!! But I spent all day Sunday hungover and frustrated with myself. You could say I had a little too much to drink lol. And I hate feeling like that. I hate having to check my instagram account to see how big of an ass I made of myself the night before. I didn’t realize how much going to the gym not only helped me feel great physically but it made me feel great mentally too. I need that. I need to feel like that every day over feeling hungover and nasty. Before I bruised my tailbone and I was going to the gym 4+ times a week, I felt centered and focused. Now I feel totally scatter brained and not centered. I feel like my personal life and businesses are suffering from me not being centered and focused. I’m going to get back to that. To being centered, driven, and over all a better person. No more drinking and partying every weekend. Back to water, LOTS of water, and working out. :)

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