Finally! A place to call home!

And oh it already feels so much like home and we’re still swimming in a sea of boxes. lol. I have to say, and if you follow me on any other social media site you’ve probably heard it before, but I freaking love Texas! It has been such a nice place to come too after Germany. No, I didn’t totally dislike being stationed in Germany, it just wasn’t for us at that time in our life. Maybe next time. ;) lol.

Anyways, if you’re not following me on Instagram (@iamkimkravitz), you should probably get on that. You’re missing out. lol. The house is slowly but surely coming together. We got most of the kitchen unloaded, a bit of the master bedroom, and a bit on both kid’s rooms. Aaron’s “man cave” is coming together nicely. He’s like a little kid in the candy store with it lol :P. I’ve tried to not come in my office and completely tune everything else out just yet. Probably next week while the kids are at school I will do so. Can’t freaking wait to have my office back in order!! I’m so ready to get back to working. I’ve set a goal to have everything up and running like it should by October 1, 2012. I think I can totally do it. I’ll just have to hope for crappy weather so I stay out of the pool lol.

OH! I totally forget two important things. Betty finally made it home safe and sound. :) So glad to have my car back. And yes, after years of saying our next dog was going to be a little dog, we finally got a second dog. It’s a Great Dane mix named Donny. lol I know I know.

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