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If you don’t like the view

Try changing your perspective. Look at it from a different angle. You never know what else you may see orRead More »

B&A | The Tog’s VA

Many of my virtual assistant post processing clients do not give me permission to share their images, so I rarely haveRead More »

Learn how to use your camera

Are you new to photography? Or maybe you just need to a refresher course on how to properly use your camera? I know, IRead More »

Photo Love | Ryan Murphy

In July, my Facebook group for photographers decided to do a monthly image contest. What are the rules you might ask?Read More »

My new office!

GAH!!! I know it might now seem like a big deal BUT my desk, computer, and Starbucks cup are back in my office!!! TheRead More »

Clickin’ Moms Daily Project

Here are last week’s images posted over on the Daily Project! The Daily Project is an inspiration blog forRead More »

CM Pro Daily Project

Took a few weeks off from posting to the CM Pro Daily Project blog. The stress of being homeless, so to speak, wasRead More »

Fencing | The Tog’s VA

How interesting can I make extra fencing look? ;) Look for lighting, different angles, leading lines, move around yourRead More »