Caption Contest!

I was going through images from yesterday’s formation and came across this one. Kinda a funny, but embarrassing, story behind this image. So, anyone want to come up with a funny caption with for this image before I post the story? lol

529th MP Co


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Hello! I am Kim Kravitz. I'm a 30 something woman who is trying to live fit, happy, and healthy. I am a wife and caregiver to a disabled veteran, mother to two little girls, and dog mom to two pound puppies. Iā€™m a former portrait photographer turned Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

2 thoughts on “Caption Contest!

  1. while i can’t take pictures worth a crap, i do enjoy a good photo or two…i didn’t realize how large a business you have…and by the quality of your work, i can see why! i think i just spent an hour looking at your entire portfolio…

    anywho…is that me in that picture? and whats the funny story, or do you remember?

    i suppose this is just as good an arena as any to tell you…i’ve had a shit-ton of commanders in 17 years…and he is by far in the top 2 i’ve ever had…but i’m not into all that “going-away-party-lets-all-have-one-last-big-hug-and-see-who-can-impress-everyone-with-their-eloquent-words-of-praise” crap…

    and thank you for inspiring Tammy to get involved in Company events…she never did anything like that until you came around, and i’m afraid shes going to stop now that your leaving, but who knows…i hope you two keep in contact with each other cause she really seems to respect you, and earning Tammy’s respect is something very few people can do…

    have safe travels Kim…tell the Sir i said “Climb To Glory”

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