Last week I headed up to Junction City, Kansas to “deal with” our house up there. Since we moved out of it in 2010, we kept it as a rental because one of the guys Aaron was deployed with was staying in the area and needed a place to call home.

Junction City Kansas Homes For Sale

When we were shopping for this house, Aaron told me not to fall in love with any of them because this wouldn’t be our forever home. I failed on that front. After all of these years, I always hoped we would be able to go back to Kansas and call it home. Unfortunately, life had other plans and Kansas will not be home for our family again. :( I’m pretty heartbroken about it.

Aaron and I have been daydreaming about what we want to do with our life and when we grow up. … You know, I’m freaking 31. That’s like a full fledged adult, but I sure as hell don’t feel like an adult on most days. Please tell me I’m not alone in this?! … lol Anyways, daydreaming, we’re talking about buying a travel trailer, selling all of our shit, and just traveling and seeing the U.S.A.

Step one in this daydream … Selling the Junction City house. *Insert big fat sad face here.* It’s a hard pill to swallow. I love this house! It’s our first home! How can we possibly sell it?! Aaron’s trying to be the best husband he can be and keeps reminding me we can’t live in the past and we’re working towards a better future.

Fort Riley area homes for sale

After I was all done working and cleaning and loading up the truck, it was pretty freaking hard to put the truck into drive and actually drive off. Yes, I sat in the driveway and cried for a bit. And a bit more on the way home. And I called him and broke down too. But just like he said, we’re moving forward. After having a good night sleep in my own bed, I feel ready to put on my big girl panties and sell our first home like an adult.

If you’re headed to or know someone in the Fort Riley area, please share our first home with them. <3

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    Jenn - This house is SO CUTE! Love the colors! Your idea of traveling the states sounds amazing.ReplyCancel

I asked this question over on Facebook, “PARENTS: at what age did you let your kids have a social media account?” and it brought up some interesting discussion about the topic. Yes, I know most sites have an age limit stated in their TOU, but we all know how kids can be. If they’re asking about it, they’re curious about it.

Here are my thoughts on the whole thing. Teaching my kids about social media and how to use it is like teaching them to cross the street. You hold their hand, tell them to look both ways, you look both ways to show them how it’s done, and then cross the street together.

Teaching kids about social media is like crossing the road

Social media and the internet and smartphones and apps are/will be apart of their lives and more than likely always will be. Are we supposed to ignore it and act like it doesn’t exist to them and their friends? If we just tell them “No, you can’t do this.” without explaining why to them, they will figure out their “why” in support of why they should have a social media on their own without our help.

Let me preface this with, it’s better late than never lol HA! My last post wasn’t the happiest post, so I wanted to come back with a much happier post! And it’s Valentine’s Day and we should celebrate the things we love, right?

Last year for Spring Break…yeah, I mentioned it was better late than never…we ventured up to my Dad’s house just for shits and giggles. Our goal was to get out of town so the kids could have fun, and who doesn’t have fun at grandma’s house?! I’ll blog these “adventures” individually but here’s what you can expect to see more of…

We made it out to the shooting range. One of the only times I’ve fired a gun all by myself. They’re pretty intimidating and just not really my thing lol HA! M and A have no problem with them, and K just needed a little coaxing I guess.

Bone Creek Shooting Gun Range Kansas

Bone Creek Shooting Gun Range Kansas

We got to do one of my favorite things as a kid…PLAY.IN.THE.DIRT! That’s definitely more my speed. lol HA!

playing in the dirt girard kansas

playing in the dirt worms girard kansas

And the girls got to paint nails with grandma. Usually, I get migraines from the smell of the nail polish, so I save this one for grandma most of the time.

painting nails with grandma

painting nails with grandma

For those of you who don’t know me, sorry for my language. I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. And yes, I plan to drop a few more F bombs below.

Moving on. Monday was a beautiful day. The Broncos won the Super Bowl, and that meant that Aaron was in a good mood. The kids were mostly functioning. And I felt rested and ready for the week.

Then, we went to Aaron’s VA Cardio appointment. It’s amazing! We finally found a cardiologist that WANTS to see him. Keep in mind, he just had open heart surgery a little over 12 weeks ago and his “civilian” cardiologist has refused to see him for the past 12 weeks. Yeah, it’s been fun. Just to give a little update, and this isn’t the point of the post, we have to travel down to Little Rock sometime soon for ANOTHER cath. Fun times.

Moving on. Tuesday wasn’t too bad. I honestly can’t remember Tuesday and that’s a good thing. That means it was a low stress day. :)

Moving on. Wednesday started off okay. I made it to the gym. Had a great cardio and chest + tricep day! That afternoon we had an appointment with K’s school to discuss her progress. Cutting to the chase, they want to test her for dyslexia. She’s just not making the progress that she needs too in reading and there are a few other things we see that are pointing to that. Instead of waiting until second grade, they want to test her now to get a jump on it. As crazy as it sounds, this did not trigger my two weeks of pure fucking hell. You would imagine something like this would be the cause of my melt down.

Nope. You know what kicked it off? A fucking trip to Target. Yep. A shopping trip to Target to get Valentine’s Day crap for school started my melt down. Welcome to my fucking world.

Over the past few years I had emotional issues. If you know me personally or have followed my social media for a while, you’d be blind if you couldn’t tell. We started noticing it in Germany. We just thought it was being in a new country that was causing my emotional issues. Then we moved to Texas, and I was determined to chill out a little bit.

Cutting to the chase, it wasn’t living in a new country that was causing it. Honestly, I was listening to the Bobby Bones show one day and it all fucking clicked. One of the hosts of the show, Amy, was talking about her shark week and PMDD and talked about her symptoms and it all made sense. Over the next few months, I started tracking my symptoms, and sure enough they fit the description of PMDD almost to a “T.”

Moving on. When we moved to Arkansas, I finally went to the doctor to bring this up and we are working on treating it and figuring out what works so I can function like a normal human being. I’ve got to much shit on my plate to not be able to adult properly.

So, what’s the point of this post? I don’t really know. lol HA! My symptoms are/were AWFUL this morning, and I guess I just needed to get this off of my chest. I barely made it through cardio at the gym. I came home to enjoy some breakfast and cried because we were out of milk. Like ugly cry. Like ugly crying so bad, that Chuck came to sit with me. I’d like to think he learned he needed to do this from Ringo. Ringo understood my meltdowns and when I needed someone there for me and he was there for me with no questions asked. He would just sit with me until I was done crying, make sure I was okay, and would go on with his day of basking in the sun. I miss him. He was my rock.

bernese mountain dog emotional support dog

Not for sure what PMDD is, google it. One day I might go over it in detail, but today is just not the day. Please be patient with me over the next two weeks while I enjoy this amazing roller coaster…Yes, that was sarcasm just in case you were wondering lol. <3

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    Susan - Oh dear friend, I am so sorry for everything that you are having to go through right now and please know that I think you are amazingly strong woman and are handling everything with a lot more strength that you are giving yourself credit for!! I can relate to the emotional roller coaster as I live in one everyday!! Reach out and talk to people about it. If they think you are just bitching or talk about it too much they are not true friends. I talk about my stuff daily and am known to ask friends if I am just being an emotional basket case in which most days they say yes but every now and then I am right!! IT feels good to be right 1% of the time!
    Reach out with your blog or your social media and get the support and kindness that I am pretty sure you will receive an abundance of when you do reach out!
    Matt is dyslexic and never knew about it. We were married for 5 years before I mentioned something and to this day he will not go get tested or treated so if you tell him numbers he has to write them down 1 at a time or else he messes them up every time. If she has a problem then yes right now is when you want to deal with it and yes it’s another burden that unfortunately you will have to take on but you will be so happy you did once you have the answers you need to give her the best opportunity to succeed and you can’t put a price on that. If you need help reach out!! I may not be able to come physically to where you are but I can FaceTime like a mad woman whenever needed!!
    A lot of people never know that I have a learning disability and I try to never let it get to a time where I have to reveal it not because I am ashamed but because I have learned how to control it and I was taught that by a therapist and I am glad for that!
    You are an amazing, beautiful, strong and determined woman and you can handle this!! I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or that you won’t make mistakes but it’s ok because in the end you will come out on top and get everything handled in the manner in which it needs to be handled and do it with grace (curse words and all!)
    You are loved and you have friends!! We are here so reach out anytime!!! :)ReplyCancel

    • February 14, 2016 - 7:45 am

      Kim Kravitz - Thanks girl for taking the time to leave this comment. It is so encouraging! I do have a hard time asking and reaching out for help lol HA! Baby steps. Baby steps. <3ReplyCancel

Yesterday Mac stayed home from school because she didn’t feel good. Kelcie wanted to stay home too because she’s just not into school right now. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen. I totally understand the need for a mental health day once in a while, but she did not need it.

To make our morning a little less painful, I offered her a Starbucks date if she went to school. We made it through the morning with no issues! Woot! AND I made good on my offer and took my second mini to Starbucks on the way home from school. <3

Starbucks date bentonville arkansas

I saw on a blog, or maybe it was a Facebook post, that someone was choosing a word for the year. I’ve never seen this done, thought it was kinda stupid at first…just being honest…but I think I finally understand why they are choosing a word for their year and I am going to jump on that bandwagon too. lol HA!

So, my word for 2016 is DISCOVER. Why did I choose this word?

My Word for 2016

I chose discover for many reasons. We had so many changes in 2015 that ended a few chapters, and now it’s time to write new ones. I want to discover my voice. Somewhere  along the way I lost it and haven’t been able to find it again. Discover civilian life. Sounds a little silly at first, but when you’ve lived a certain way for 10+ years, you forget what other ways of life are like. Discover a schedule for my family. We no longer have something dictating our life and our world no longer revolves around the army. It’s time to figure out a schedule that works for us. Discover what makes us happy. Again, for so long we’ve done what the army to us to do. Yes, I say us instead of Aaron, because where he went, we went. It’s just as simple as that. He loved being a soldier! That was his calling and he was a great soldier. Now it’s time to find a new calling, a new happiness, a new drive for life. For 2016, I just want to discover anything and everything. I want to discover what life has to offer us and discover what we can make out of it. <3

Do you choose a word for your year? If so, what is your word for 2016?

  • January 25, 2016 - 8:49 am

    Rhonda - I have watched you grow up and become a grown-up, mother, and dedicated wife. You have been thrown so many things in your last few years and have handled them, maybe not always as you should, but you have survived them all, and managed to keep you family together and not missed too many beats along the way. I am proud of you!!! As long as you keep a positive attitude, take care of your family AND yourself, you can get through ANYTHING. You have a whole world of support out there and even though you are not one to ask for help, sometimes you must let your guard down and let go of pride and ask for the help you need at that moment. IT IS OKAY!!! Also, you are NOT here on this earth to please everyone. It’s ok to disagree with others; it’s what keeps our world balanced. And most of all….. I love you!!!!! So DISCOVER what you can this year and be proud and happy doing it.ReplyCancel

I know some whole heartedly don’t agree with shocking the shit out of their dogs, but I don’t share those feelings. Yes, our yard is fenced, but those little shits can just push right under the chain linked fence. AND They would do it right in front of you too. Unless I took them out on a leash, my ass was going to be chasing them around the neighborhood in 5 minutes. It’s pretty amusing.

Saint Bernard American Bulldog Mix Bella Vista Arkansas

(Image taken with my iPhone 6)

So, I called up my dad and asked him what I should. He suggested installing an electric fence that had shock collars so the kids wouldn’t get zapped when they were out back there.


Only took those turds a few times to learn their lesson. Yes, I felt/feel bad, but it had to be done to save my sanity. And don’t let them fool you! They still get out when my dumbass forgets to turn it back on after mowing and what not lol HA! Gotta love ’em. <3