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Hello! I am Kim Kravitz. I'm a 30 something woman who is trying to live fit, happy, and healthy. I am a wife and caregiver to a disabled veteran, mother to two little girls, and dog mom to two pound puppies. I’m a former portrait photographer turned Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

Step One…

Last week I headed up to Junction City, Kansas to “deal with” our house up there. Since we moved out of itRead More »

It’s like crossing the road

I asked this question over on Facebook, “PARENTS: at what age did you let your kids have a social mediaRead More »

Guns, Worms, and Nail Polish

Let me preface this with, it’s better late than never lol HA! My last post wasn’t the happiest post, so IRead More »

Two weeks of pure fucking hell

For those of you who don’t know me, sorry for my language. I have the vocabulary of a well educated sailor. AndRead More »

Starbucks Date

Yesterday Mac stayed home from school because she didn’t feel good. Kelcie wanted to stay home too becauseRead More »

2016 // My Word

I saw on a blog, or maybe it was a Facebook post, that someone was choosing a word for the year. I’ve never seen thisRead More »

Such a mean dog mommy

I know some whole heartedly don’t agree with shocking the shit out of their dogs, but I don’t share thoseRead More »

Just in case you were wondering

I know some of ya’ll have notice I haven’t been shooting that much these last few months. I planned onRead More »