2016 // My Word

I saw on a blog, or maybe it was a Facebook post, that someone was choosing a word for the year. I’ve never seen this done, thought it was kinda stupid at first…just being honest…but I think I finally understand why they are choosing a word for their year and I am going to jump on that bandwagon too. lol HA!

So, my word for 2016 is DISCOVER. Why did I choose this word?

My Word for 2016

I chose discover for many reasons. We had so many changes in 2015 that ended a few chapters, and now it’s time to write new ones. I want to discover my voice. Somewhere  along the way I lost it and haven’t been able to find it again. Discover civilian life. Sounds a little silly at first, but when you’ve lived a certain way for 10+ years, you forget what other ways of life are like. Discover a schedule for my family. We no longer have something dictating our life and our world no longer revolves around the army. It’s time to figure out a schedule that works for us. Discover what makes us happy. Again, for so long we’ve done what the army to us to do. Yes, I say us instead of Aaron, because where he went, we went. It’s just as simple as that. He loved being a soldier! That was his calling and he was a great soldier. Now it’s time to find a new calling, a new happiness, a new drive for life. For 2016, I just want to discover anything and everything. I want to discover what life has to offer us and discover what we can make out of it. <3

Do you choose a word for your year? If so, what is your word for 2016?

  • January 25, 2016 - 8:49 am

    Rhonda - I have watched you grow up and become a grown-up, mother, and dedicated wife. You have been thrown so many things in your last few years and have handled them, maybe not always as you should, but you have survived them all, and managed to keep you family together and not missed too many beats along the way. I am proud of you!!! As long as you keep a positive attitude, take care of your family AND yourself, you can get through ANYTHING. You have a whole world of support out there and even though you are not one to ask for help, sometimes you must let your guard down and let go of pride and ask for the help you need at that moment. IT IS OKAY!!! Also, you are NOT here on this earth to please everyone. It’s ok to disagree with others; it’s what keeps our world balanced. And most of all….. I love you!!!!! So DISCOVER what you can this year and be proud and happy doing it.ReplyCancel

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