Kim’s Closet Clean Out | YMI Jeans

I follow a TON 0f blogs that cover way too many topics like photography, sewing, organizing, etc. One of the photography blogs I follow is Kelli France’s blog. She’s an awesome photographer out in Utah and the owner of Chic Critique Forum! She has this a blog series called “Kelli’s Closet Cleanse.” Freaking brilliant!! I actually […]

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Jenn - I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I think I initially found you on Ann Marie’s (HH6Diva) blog. I think? ;)

Bonnie - SUPER GENIUS idea!!!

Meri Meribella Kitty Heggie - what a great idea.. I must try this too LOL!

Personal Branding | Where to Start

In an earlier post I mentioned doing a “personal branding” blog series. So, what is personal branding? By definition it is “is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.” And if you want to read more of the definition, here’s the Wikipedia link. A long time ago I created two Facebook “profiles.” […]

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